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First Aid Course - also for the driver´s license


Angelika Rieger

Janine Hagedorn


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BRK Kreisverband

Henri-Dunant-Str. 4

91058 Erlangen

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Our First Aid course in English introduces participants to the basic concepts of helping ill or injured persons in emergency situations. The course is conducted by a qualified First Aid instructor with the necessary language proficiency. 

Participation in this course fulfills the requirement for First Aid training mandated before applying for a German driver’s license! Upon successful completion of the course, participants are issued an official certificate as proof of participation.

The course begins at 09:00. Be aware that on-time arrival is paramount for successful course completion. Tardy participants risk forfeiting their eligibility to receive the course participation certificate!

Due to technical constraints, the course enrollment web form is currently only available in German. Click here to get some translation help, the hygiene measures during first aid trainings and the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) in English.

Kursanmeldung Online

Erste Hilfe Ausbildung
Oktober 2023
BezeichnungTermineGebührVeranstaltungsortFreie Plätze 
Erste Hilfe Ausbildung
2023/EH9 ENGL/7
Sa. 21.10., 09:00-17:30 Uhr
   65,00 € BRK Erlangen
Henri-Dunant-Straße 4
D-91058 Erlangen
15 anmelden 
November 2023
BezeichnungTermineGebührVeranstaltungsortFreie Plätze 
Erste Hilfe Ausbildung
2023/EH9 ENGL/8
Sa. 18.11., 09:00-17:30 Uhr
   65,00 € BRK Herzogenaurach
Werner-Heisenberg-Str. 8
D-91074 Herzogenaurach
16 anmelden 

You can directly see on the right how many remaining spaces are in each course and register for free seats immediately online. Please note that the registration confirmation can take up to 24 hours. Payment must be made onsite at the beginning of the course. Cash payments are preferred, if possible in exact change. 

The course fee is 65 €.

Please note that the fee must also be paid if you are absent without excuse! Please cancel at least 2 working days before the day of the course by e-mail, if you can not appear.

AGB and hygiene measures (German).

Suitable clothes

During the course, great emphasis is placed on practical hands-on exercises. We ask that you please come dressed appropriately. Wear clothing that allows for comfortably moving around at floor level and closed shoes. If you have questions about this, please contact us.